We want to make some of our writings available to you.  If you should want to receive copies in larger quantities please e-mail or write so that we can arrange this for you.

1Health and Prosperity: What Does the Bible Really Teach us? This compares some present-day teachings with simple, logical and common-sense interpretation of Scripture. For example: What is the true scriptural meaning of the “hundredfold return.”?




2I Will Pray in the Spirit. Focussing on the ever controversial gift of speaking in tongues, this writing deals with the “cessationist” position from Scripture, showing that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are still valid for today.




3The Pastor Mentality. Compares the Biblical pattern for church life with various aspects of present-day church. Shows from Scripture what a Christian meeting should be like, with emphasis on the scriptural pattern for spiritual leadership.




4Alcohol and the Christian. Contends, for unique reasons, that the Apostle Paul would be forced to write differently today than he did in his day on this subject. Deals with scriptural and cultural perspectives, and the Christian response in light of Biblical principles.







Does God Exist? This is the booklet form of the article of the same name on this website. A great tool to share with those who have doubts about God and the Bible.


To receive any of the above a $4.00 donation is suggested for each booklet, postage paid in the U.S.A. and Canada. We will gladly air mail overseas as many as a donation will allow, less postage.

Please contact us at the e-mail address below to make arrangements.